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Beauty in the Sunflower Tutorial Mp4

Lis Perrier Art Photography

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Beauty in the Sunflower Tutorial Mp4
Beauty in the Sunflower Tutorial Mp4

I will explain how easy you can archive beautiful tones using color lookup ,Lab mode, curves and more  . You will learn how to create a beautiful skin and adding dodge and burnWatch my step-by-step tutorial to learn how to create a simple image in a fantastic and fun composite .

During this tutorial  I will teach you how to merge stock images with your base photos,  adjust light, select images and much more..

• Image is edited by hand

• Editing is done in Photoshop CC

• My tutorials are for photographers who have an understanding of layers and layer masks.


• Videos are not available to those who do ANY mentoring of any kind.

I used my skin action you can buy it  here Skin action HERE

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