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From Summer to Winter Composite Tutorial (mp4video)

Lis Perrier Art Photography

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From Summer to Winter Composite Tutorial (mp4video)
From Summer to Winter Composite Tutorial (mp4video)

Turn a grassy hillside into a towering mountain, or a driveway into the sea. Discover how to transform any background scenery with simple hand edits. Even if you've never used Photoshop before, you can follow along step-by-step, starting with the basics and working your way up to advanced methods.

Watch my step-by-step tutorial to learn how create a composite .  I will teach you how to merge  images, adjust light, add overlays and color tone for a  final composite.

• Images edited in videos  are done without the use of any actions or presets. 

• All post-processing is done using PSCC. 

Duration 55 minutes

• All videos and recordings sold here are NOT for beginners.  If you do not know how to use masks and layers, you will likely be lost.

• Video purchases are NON-REFUNDABLE and NON-TRANSFERABLE.

FREE Overlays are Included  

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