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LAB mode edit for MAC

Lis Perrier Art Photography

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LAB mode edit for MAC
LAB mode edit for MAC

The simple fact of knowing and using the basic color movement of LAB will have a significant impact on your images in ways that were previously not possible. It's more than a simple increase in saturation: it's about stretching the color palette.The LAB color space tries to define the colors differently. While RGB defines color through a combination of red, green and blue values of different tones, LAB uses three different channels. They are: , something called using Channel A and Channel B. Therefore, brightness, channel A and  B are shortened to L-A-B, LAB.

in In this tutorial I will explain how easy you can archive beautiful rich tones using Lab mode . You will learn how to create a beautiful skin and adding dodge and burn 

For this tutorial I used my action Skin you can purchase HERE

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